Remove unremovable software from Windows

Every ones in a while, I end up installing some crappy software, which does not come with an option to uninstall. Or maybe it does, but the program does not disappear from the list of installed programs in Windows. The entry from the program stays in the list and annoys me every time I see it. Kind of by mistake I found this little hack which can help remove these.

1. Open Windows Registry Run | regedit

2. Navigate to:


3. Browse through the different folders until you find the one with the title of the program you are trying to remove

4. Double click the key NoRemove

5. Edit the value of the string from 1 to 0

6. Close the Registry Editor

7. Open Programs and Features Control Panel | Uninstall a program

8. Navigate to the program and press the Uninstall buttom

You might get a popup saying that the program has already been removed, just accept this and the entry will be removed from the list.

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