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There are thousands of different programs and websites on the web to download video content from various video and clip sites. So why use this particular method? Two reasons: It supports a lot of sites – It is rare that I come across a site where I cannot download a video using this method, and secondly it’s damn fast!

This tutorial was written using a standard installation of Firefox 4, so it might look a little different in newer versions, but it will work.

1. Download and install Video DownloadHelper

Enable the DownloadHelper icon in the in Add-on bar

2. Go to the Tools menu | DownloadHelper | Preferences | Show Icon in statusbar

3. Click the OK button


4. Download and install DownThemAll!

We will now try to download a video from the web. Let’s say I would like to have a copy of this Funny Cats Collection:

5. Go to the website and wait for the video to load. Note that the DownloadHelper icon in the lower right corner changes

6. Click little arrow next to the DownloadHelper icon

7. Move the mouse cursor over the file name

8. Click Copy URL in the menu


9. Click Tools| DownloadThemAll! Tools | Manager

DownloadThemAll! Manager opens.

10. Click the button Manually add a download to DownloadThemAll

The dialog box Add Download opens.

11. Click the field Download and paste in the direct path which you copied earlier

12. Click the Start! button


The file is now downloaded at high speed!


Cats freaking fun…

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