Youth Wire killer

At Napier University – Merchiston campus, they decided to put a flashy advertisement called Youth Wire on the desktop on the student computers on campus. Small things like that annoy me, so I normally start looking for a workaround for that sort of things.

As I did not have administrator rights, I could not just uninstall the damn thing. And starting Process Explore to shut down the program every time I used a computer on campus, was also getting old.

Therefore I took a look at the TASKKILL command, to kill the process from the command line and make this run every time I logged into my profile. I ended up with a small batch script called YWkiller.bat

1. Open notepad and paste this into a new file

TASKKILL /F /IM YWPlatform.exe

2. Save the file as YWkiller.bat

Putting the script into the Startup folder enables it to automatically run every time you log in to your profile. You must insert you own matriculation number

C:\Users\”matriculation number”\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\
Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

3. Navigate to, and move YWkiller.bat into the folder

Next time you log on your profile the script will shut down Youth Wire automatically.

This tutorial is very specific for my problem with Youth Wire. But the method of using TASKKILL in a batch script to close certainty services or applications can be used in many cases.

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